War Collection

The museum has a vast collection of items from the Civil War, and World Wars I and II. Many of the items have been donated by veterans. If you are interested in donating any interesting war related items, please see our contact page.

Civil War

Union Army Civil War Items
Civil War Striker
Strikers, like this one, were often used to strike flint and start fires.
Assortment of Civil War Items
This photo shows only a small section of Louisiana Treasure's Civil War Collection. In it, one can see a variety of buttons from Civil War uniforms, as well as the different types of bullets that the soldiers used as game pieces.

World Wars I and II

World War II Army Issued Cup, Canteen, Knife, and Other Items
The museum has items from the Civil War, World Wars I and II, and Korea, some found in South Louisiana and some donated.
World War II Watch and Brass Bullets
The US Army used to do training practices on Lake Ponchatrain and many bullets in the collection were found there.
World War II Ration Books
During World War II, in an effort to conserve and support the war effort, the United States rationed everything from gasoline to food. These are some examples of food ration books.