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Wayne and Debra Norwood have been privileged to have many visitors, who have prepared write ups and reviews about the history and their experiences at Louisiana Treasures Museums. Below is just a small sample of recent articles and posts regardin the museums.

The Times-Picayune

On February 27, 2009, Bryan McMahon wrote about the Norwoods recent addition to Louisiana Treasures Museum, the "Gone But Not Forgotten" exhibit. He not only describes the focus and size of the showcase, but also provides some information about a collaborative effort between the Ponchatoula Times and the Louisiana Treasures Museum to honor the fallen officers and their families, by including the picture and story of one officer in each of edition of the newspaper. For the complete article, please visit The Times Picayune, and please visit the The Ponchatoula Times for more details on its individual pieces on each officer.

Travel with Cajunville

John and Laurie posted a brief blog entry on Travel with Cajunville about the Louisiana Treasures Museum. In the entry, they acknowledged wayne Norwood's desire to preserve the items representing the lives of previous generations that lived in the Lake Ponchartrain area. After specifically noting the uniqueness of several items, such as the portable jails and glass eyes, John and Laurie comment that even though they have visited on more than one occasion they have yet to see everything the museum has to offer. For the complete entry, please visit Travel with Cajunville

Country Roads: Adventures Close to Home

In addition to posting an entry on Travel with cajunville, John and Laurie Rials also listed something on Country Roads: Adventures Close to Home. On this site, they go a little more into detail regarding the history and motivation behind the museum. They also describe another project Wayne Norwood has been working on, which a film interview with Mrs. Helen Schlosser Burg. In the interview, she talks about life in towns like Napton, Ruddock, and Frenier before and the experience of the Great West Indian Hurricane of 1915. For more information about this particular project, please contact Wayne or Debra Norwood, and to access this complete post, please go to Country Roads: Adventures Close to Home

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